What Do I Pack First? Tips and Tricks for Your Impending Move

Whether you’re moving just a few doors down the block or to an entirely new state, moving is no small task! A lot of time and effort is required to pick up and relocate your life, no matter the size of your home and the number of things you have to get from one place to another.

Moving is a big job, and most likely not something you’re going to start and finish in one day. Because of this, you need to be strategic and plan ahead when choosing what to pack and when. Have you ever spent hours carefully organizing and securing items for transport—silverware, chairs, extension cords—only to wish mere minutes or maybe days later that you still had them within reach? Or put off tackling a particular room until the last minute, only to realize how hard it is to get everything organized in a secure, space-saving manner when everything else is already good to go?

While a moving company in Columbus, OH can go a long way in ensuring all of your home’s treasures are organized and packed securely, chances are you’ll be doing at least some of the heavy lifting (literally) yourself. As such, our experts have some suggestions on how to pack and when. Just follow these easy steps, and our moving services will take care of the rest!

1st: Storage & Guest Room(s)

When you’re about a month out from the move, get the easy stuff out of the way and start packing up the rooms you’re already not using frequently. Holiday decorations, furniture, clothing, and the extra odds and ends in your guest room—if it’s something already being left in a closet and rarely being touched, why not take care of it now? Wrap anything fragile and start filling boxes. If you’ve already got a storage container on hand as part of the move, you can gradually start filling it with larger objects.

2nd: Seasonal Items

Next, unless your move is going to take months or you’re headed for the opposite side of the globe, start packing up the clothes and items you aren’t going to need anytime soon in the current weather. If you’re moving in the middle of August, you probably don’t need any of your big jackets, the artificial Christmas tree,  or the snow blower, so you may as well get them out of the way!

3rd: Glass, China, Silver

When you’re a few weeks away from the move, it’s time to get to the fancy, fragile items. Whether it’s dishware or knickknacks, those crystal wine glasses you only pull out once or twice a year for special occasions can be packed up, so long as you’re leaving the everyday stuff out for continued use. Make sure everything is securely wrapped, labeled, and kept out of the way until it’s time for the moving company to load them onto the truck!

4th: Books, Artwork, Media

A couple of weeks out, and we’re getting down to the bare essentials now. Home decor is there to make your place look nice, so they can be put away until you have the time to spruce up your new space. You may want a book or movie on hand to pass the time or to have during the drive, but you probably don’t need every single piece of your media at your fingertips. Remember to spread heavy items like books among multiple, smaller boxes and other containers so that they’re not impossible to lift!

5th: Linens

You want to have at least one set of sheets for your beds on hand at all times, up to and including the night before the move, but all of those extra pillowcases, towels, and blankets can be loaded up. Store them with the linens from the guest room that you put away a couple of weeks beforehand, or keep them within easy reach to use as padding for other items.

6th: Toys

Whether you have kids or not, all of the “fun” things you’ve got in your home should be gathered up and packed once you’re down to about a week. Building blocks, board games, action figures, dolls—anything that you don’t need in the car to keep yourself occupied can go.

7th: Clothing

Set aside a couple of boxes for clothes you’ll need for the last few days at the old place and the first few at the new one, but everything else can be packed up: jewelry, shoes, pants, hats. Be mindful of how you store your necklaces and bracelets to make sure they don’t get tangled together during transport.

8th: The Kitchen

Naturally, you want to save the kitchen for last, since you’ll be needing it up until the very last moment unless you agree to just order out for the next several meals! Be especially careful with the dinnerware; you don’t want to break half of your bowls and cups during the drive! Professional moving services will be especially useful for these items.

9th: The Final Odds and Ends

Have a bag reserved for all of the last few things that you want to have with you at all times during the move: electronics, chargers, medications, and toiletries. These things can be quickly thrown together as you’re making the final preparations to leave on the big day; just don’t forget them!

Moving Services at Your Fingertips

The most important thing when it comes to moving: don’t procrastinate! Whether you’re hiring a moving company like Custom Movers to do the dirty work or taking on the challenge with your own two hands, pacing yourself and planning things out well ahead of time will ensure moving day is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Ready to get started? Contact us in Columbus, OH today!